Location: LBNL, Room 15-253

Time Description Downloads
8:00 Welcome & Coffee
8:30 SOEP architecture and implementation
Goal: Understand how SOEP is structured, what are its key modules
and how it fits into a larger ecosystem of tools.
10:30 Break
10:45 Principles of FMI.
Goal: Understand how FMI works and how it is implemented.
How to generate and test an FMU.
11:45 Lunch at the cafeteria
12:45 Ptolemy II.
Discrete event and QSS.
14:00 How to debug SOEP
- when results are not plausible (FMU testing, Modelica testing)
- stepping through debugger (system-level testing)
14:30 Break
15:00 Modelica training, following
Basic equations
Discrete behavior
Vectors and arrays
Principles of thermofluid flow modeling (stream connectors)
16:30 Design of Buildings library Slides
17:00 Adjourn


Location: LBNL, Room 15-253

Time Description Downloads
8:00 Coffee
8:30 Modelica Buildings library. Structure and model implementation. Slides continue
from previous day
10:00 Break
10:30 Continue
11:45 Lunch at the cafeteria
12:45 Hands-on tutorials
Implement air-system and hydronic heating system.
Export components as FMU.
15:00 Break
15:30 Continue
17:00 Adjourn

18:30 Dinner at Great China, 2190 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Friday and Saturday morning will be EnergyPlus team meetings.



Install a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment from Oracle.

Ptolemy II


Install Ptolemy II.


Download Ptolemy II source files.

To install and start Ptolemy II, first make sure you have ant and a Java compiler installed. Then, type the following

tar xzf ptII11.0.devel-2015-07-14.src.tar.gz
cd ptII11.0.devel
export PTII=`pwd`
cd bin
./cyphysim &

After compilation, if you restart a new shell, simply type

export PTII="ptolemy directory such as .../ptII11.0.devel"
$PTII/bin/cyphysim &

or type $PTII/bin/vergil to access the full functionality of Ptolemy II.

Dymola 2016


Install Dymola 2016 trial version from Dassault. The instructions to access the non-trial license for the training will be sent by email.

Install a C/C++ compiler such as Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 from Microsoft.


To install the Linux 64 bit version of Dymola, proceed as follows:

  1. Register at the link at Dassault.
  2. Download Dymola 64 bit.
  3. Follow the installation instructions.


Dymola license

Some users had the error message ‘‘Error connecting to Dymola license server’’. If this is the case, try

  1. to disconnect from vpn, and
  2. to enter the port number 27000 under ‘‘Help -> License -> Setup -> Port (optional).’’.

For the server name, please see the email from July 14 as we cannot share it publicly.

Failed compilation on Windows

Some users could not compile and simulate the example. If this is the case, try to adjust the path to your compiler under ‘‘Simulation-> Setup -> Compiler’’.

FMI files

Download and unzip the Functional Mock-up Interface training material from here.

Modelica ‘‘Buildings’’ library

To install the ‘‘Buildings’’ library version 2.1,

  1. download Buildings 2.1.0,
  2. unzip the file, and to test the installation ‘‘after’’ you updated the license as described in the email,
  3. open with Dymola the file Buildings 2.1.0/,
  4. open the model Buildings.Examples.Tutorial.SpaceCooling.System3, and
  5. select from the pull-down menu ‘‘Commands->Simulate and plot’’. This will simulate the model and generate a plot.

Site access

The workshop will be held onsite at LBNL, in the 15-253 conference room (‘'’Building 15’’’).

All attendees will automatically be added to the LBNL security access list IF THEY HAVE REGISTERED for this workshop.


Blue Route Shuttle:

The Berkeley Lab Blue Route shuttle runs frequently from the Downtown Berkeley BART station to the lab (Uphill). It picks up passengers from various stops in downtown Berkeley. For locations, please refer to

Note that the lab shuttle stop closest to BART is located at the corner of Addison Street and Shattuck Avenue, on the same side as (and next to) the Bank of America.

The shuttle stops will all be marked with the Berkeley Lab shuttle bus sign.

Get off at the B52 (ALS) shuttle stop, walk down Segre Road towards Lawrence Road, turn right onto “N” Road, and follow the path all the way to Building 15. See Grid C4 on site map. Conference Room 15-253 is located on the 2nd floor.

A site Map to the location is at

An interactive map to the location is at

For detailed information including schedules, please see LBNL Shuttle Service at, or!/lbl/blue/up/bart.

IMPORTANT: You are required to show a Shuttle Pass, along with a government issued photo ID (Drivers License or Passport) in order to access the lab.