Modeling and simulation environments

To simulate Modelica models, a Modelica simulation environment is needed that translates the models for simulation.

The Modelica Buildings Library is being tested with Dymola, OPTIMICA and JModelica as part of our continuous integration testing, which tests more than 1000 models. See

The OpenModelica development team is working on ensuring that OpenModelica fully supports the Modelica language, and we are working with the OpenModelica development team if models that violate the Modelica Language Definition need to be updated.

Note about JModelica: Modelon stopped supporting the open-source JModelica environment as of December 2019. Users who are interested in using JModelica with the Buildings library can use the docker image posted on We are also working on distributing Modelon’s OCT compiler at no cost to end-users as part of Spawn of EnergyPlus, thereby allowing a free to use simulation environment for the Modelica Buildings Library.