User Guide

This user guide provides instructions for how to use the free open-source Modelica Buildings Library. The user guide covers how to

  • get started,

  • follow best practices when createing models and running simulations,

  • fix common problems in translating or simulating models,

  • automate pre- and post-processing of model inputs and outputs,

  • develop and contribute new models to the library, and

  • get help.

The following information can be found in the Modelica library documentation rather than in this documentation:

  • User guides for individual packages of models, see for the available user guides.

  • The physical assumptions and the equations that the models are based on. See the respective model documentation.

  • Advice as to which models may be used if multiple models may be available for similar equipment or physical phenomena. This is typically explained in the documentation of the model, the documentation of the package that contains the model, or the user guide of the respective package.


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