4. Pre- and Post-Processing

The Modelica language specification does not specify a scripting language for simulating models, and it does not standardize the file format of the result file. To provide scripts that automate simulation of models and post-processing of results, LBNL created the BuildingsPy Python library. This library can be used

  • to run Modelica simulations using Dymola, OpenModelica or OPTIMICA,

  • to process *.mat output files that were generated by these programs, and

  • to run unit tests as part of the library development.

See the separate documentation at https://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/modelica/buildingspy/ for information on how to use this library.

In addition, Dymola provides MATLAB scripts that can be used to process *.mat output files that were generated by Dymola. See the Dymola documentation for how to use these scripts.

To optimize cost functions that are computed by Dymola, OpenModelica or OPTIMICA, the GenOpt optimization program can be used. See GenOpt’s directory example/dymola for examples that use Dymola to compute the cost function in an optimal control problem.