Date: October 28, 2022.

The following in-person workshop will be offered in conjunction with the American Modelica Conference:

  • Introduction to Modelica and Thermo-fluid Modeling with Applications from the Buildings Library:

    Time: October 28th 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Central Daylight Time (UTC -5), 3 hours

    Location: University of Texas in Dallas at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center in Dallas, TX (conference location)

    Presenter: David Blum, LBNL

    Abstract: This workshop will give an introduction to the modeling of thermo-fluid systems and their control using Modelon Impact and the Modelica Buildings Library. We will be using applications from the Modelica Buildings Library, but the course will be structured to also appeal to modelers from other application domains that are concerned with thermo-fluid systems. After an introductory presentation that discusses the scope of the Modelica Buildings Library, we discuss best practices in setting up thermo-fluid flow models and how to avoid potential problems. In hands-on exercises, participants will build models of simple heating and air conditioning systems, link them to a thermal load, and add feedback control. The models will be built using components from the Modelica Buildings Library. Simulations will be run on Modelon Impact.

    Expected experience: 1) Have prior knowledge in Modelica and have gone through the online Impact tutorial for basic usage here or 2) Have participated in the morning workshop provided by Modelon on introduction to Modelica modeling and Impact.

    Software requirements: Laptop with recent version of either Google Chrome or Opera installed. 8GB of memory is recommended.

    Registration information: Go to the Modelica Conference website to register for the conference and follow instructions there for adding the workshop.

    Links to workshop material: