Location: Linköping University, Building A, Room A2, Linköping, Sweden

Date: February 7, 2017

This is a hands-on training in which we show how to use the Buildings library to model heating and air-conditioning systems. The training is held as part of the 11th MODPROD Workshop on Model-Based Product Development.

We assume that attendees have basic knowledge of Modelica.

We will work on the two tutorials described at http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/modelica/releases/v3.0.0/help/Buildings_Examples_Tutorial.html.


Prior to the workshop, install the following software

Modelica Modeling Environment

Install either the latest version of OMEdit from https://www.openmodelica.org/ or Dymola.

Modelica Buildings library

OpenModelica users

OpenModelica users should download the patched version v4.0.0-dev1. This version hardwires some medium assignments which are required to work around a bug in OpenModelica (see issue 4235).

The version has been tested with OMEdit 1.12-0 (nightly built dev-328-g4f7ddab) on Ubuntu 16.04.

Note: If you run Ubuntu in a virtual machine, we recommend setting the memory to 8 GB.

Dymola users

Download either the last official release or the development version of the Buildings library from http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/modelica/download.html.

Further literature

For a user guide, see http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/modelica/userGuide/index.html