LBNL releases Modelica Buildings library 3.0.0, GenOpt 3.1.1 and BuildingsPy 1.5.0

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LBNL releases the following open-source software packages:

Modelica Buildings library 3.0.0: Version 3.0.0 is a major new release that contains 730 models and functions, up from 670 of version 2.1.0. Also, various models have been improved in collaboration with IEA EBC Annex 60,
To install the latest version, go to
GenOpt 3.1.1: Version 3.1.1 is a minor update that adds examples for EnergyPlus 8.4.0 and 8.5.0. It also corrects a bug that affected reporting of an error in optimization problems that only contain discrete variables.
To install the latest version, go to
BuildingsPy 1.5.0: This version adds various new features, primarily to support the development and regression testing of Modelica libraries.
To install the latest version, run pip as described at