Comparing computer run time of building simulation programs

TitleComparing computer run time of building simulation programs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsTianzhen Hong, Walter F. Buhl, Philip Haves, Stephen E. Selkowitz, Michael Wetter
JournalBuilding Simulation
Date Published2008
Keywordscomputer run time, doe-2, energyplus, simulation program

This paper presents an approach to comparing computer run time of building simulation programs. The computing run time of a simulation program depends on several key factors, including the calculation algorithm and modeling capabilities of the program, the run period, the simulation time step, the complexity of the energy models, the run control settings, and the software and hardware configurations of the computer that is used to make the simulation runs. To demonstrate the approach, simulation runs are performed for several representative DOE-2.1E and EnergyPlus energy models. The computer run time of these energy models are then compared and analyzed.