Project Status: 

A new-generation building energy simulation program based on DOE-2 and BLAST, with numerous added capabilities. Developed by the LBNL Simulation Research Group, the Building Systems Laboratory at the University of Illinois, the Florida Solar Energy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and others for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Current projects include testing and validation; training; program deployment; implementation of BLAST and DOE-2 features not yet in EnergyPlus; adding features needed to make EnergyPlus useful for standards development and compliance; improved foundation heat transfer calculations; improved moisture calculations; development of HVAC equipment models; development of a duct-loss model; a real-time version of EnergyPlus; and a link between SPARK and EnergyPlus. Work is also underway to develop prototypical building models for the U.S. residential and commercial building stock and use those models in EnergyPlus to analyze energy use characteristics in different climates.

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