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Package with common data for perfect gases


This package contains records that are used to model perfect gases.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.MaterialPropertiesPackage (Icon for package containing property classes).

Package Content

Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.Common.DataRecord DataRecord Coefficient data record for properties of perfect gases
Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.Common.SingleGasData SingleGasData Package with data records for single gases

Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.Common.DataRecord Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.Common.DataRecord

Coefficient data record for properties of perfect gases


This data record contains the coefficients for perfect gases.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.Record (Icon for records).

Modelica definition

record DataRecord 
  "Coefficient data record for properties of perfect gases"
  extends Modelica.Icons.Record;

  String name "Name of ideal gas";
  Modelica.SIunits.MolarMass MM "Molar mass";
  Modelica.SIunits.SpecificHeatCapacity R "Gas constant";
  Modelica.SIunits.SpecificHeatCapacity cp 
    "Specific heat capacity at constant pressure";
  Modelica.SIunits.SpecificHeatCapacity cv 
    "Specific heat capacity at constant volume";
end DataRecord;

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