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Package with models for perfect gases


This package contains models of thermally perfect gases.

A medium is called thermally perfect if

In addition, the gases in this package are calorically perfect, i.e., the specific heat capacities at constant pressure cp and constant volume cv are both constant (Bower 1998).

For dry and moist air media that also have a constant density, see Buildings.Media.GasesConstantDensity.


Bower, William B. A primer in fluid mechanics: Dynamics of flows in one space dimension. CRC Press. 1998.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.MaterialPropertiesPackage (Icon for package containing property classes).

Package Content

Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.MoistAir MoistAir  
Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.MoistAirUnsaturated MoistAirUnsaturated  
Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.Common Common Package with common data for perfect gases
Buildings.Media.PerfectGases.Examples Examples Collection of models that illustrate model use and test models

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