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Release notes

This section summarizes the changes that have been performed on the Buildings library

Package Content

Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_4_0 Version_0_4_0 Version 0.4.0
Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_3_0 Version_0_3_0 Version 0.3.0
Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_2_0 Version_0_2_0 Version 0.2.0
Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_1_0 Version_0_1_0 Version 0.1.0

Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_4_0 Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_4_0

Version 0.4.0

Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_3_0 Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_3_0

Version 0.3.0

Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_2_0 Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_2_0

Version 0.2.0

New in this version are models for two and three way valves. In addition, the Fluids package has been slightly revised. The package Fluids.BaseClasses has been added because in the previous version, partial models for fixed resistances where part of the Actuator package.

Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_1_0 Buildings.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_0_1_0

Version 0.1.0

First release of the library.

This version contains basic models for modeling building HVAC systems. It also contains new medium models in the package Buildings.Media. These medium models have simpler property functions than the ones from Modelica.Media. For example, there is medium model with constant heat capacity which is often sufficiently accurate for building HVAC simulation, in contrast to the more detailed models from Modelica.Media that are valid in a larger temperature range, at the expense of introducing non-linearities due to the medium properties.

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