Package with blocks, examples and validation tests for control description language


Package that has elementary input-output blocks that form the Control Description Language (CDL). The implementation is structured into sub-packages. The packages Validation and Examples contain validation and example models. These are not part of the CDL specification, but rather implemented to provide reference responses computed by the CDL blocks. For a specification of CDL, see

Package Content

Name Description
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Constants Constants Package with constants
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Conversions Conversions Package with blocks for type conversion
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Discrete Discrete Package with discrete blocks
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Integers Integers Package with blocks for integer variables
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Logical Logical Package with logical blocks
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Psychrometrics Psychrometrics Package with psychrometric blocks
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Reals Reals Package with blocks for continuous variables
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Routing Routing Package with blocks that combine and extract signals
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Utilities Utilities Package with utility functions
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Types Types Package with type definitions
Buildings.Controls.OBC.CDL.Interfaces Interfaces Package with connectors for input and output signals