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January 25, 2021:
Released version 3.1.0

1. Introduction

This user manual explains how to install and use EnergyPlusToFMU. EnergyPlusToFMU is a software package written in Python which allows users to export the building simulation program EnergyPlus version 8.0 or higher as a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) for co-simulation using the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard version 1.0 and version 2.0. This FMU can then be imported into a variety of simulation programs that support the import of the Functional Mock-up Interface for co-simulation. This capability allows for instance to model the envelope of a building in EnergyPlus, export the model as an FMU, import and link the model with an HVAC system model developed in a system simulation tool such as the Modelica environment Dymola.



EnergyPlusToFMU is available under the following open-source license.


For help, send email at This is an open group and everyone can join it. No invitation is needed.

Michael Wetter, David M. Lorenzetti
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Simulation Research Group