10. HelpΒΆ

Before submitting a bug report,
When submitting a bug report, please provide:
  • A model that is as small as possible and still reproduces your error. The chances of quickly finding and fixing a bug are much higher if the bug is part of a small test problem. In addition, creating a small test problem may help finding the root cause for the bug yourself, or realizing that there is no bug at all, and hence your problem can be solved much sooner.
  • A description of the expected and the observed results.
  • Information about the operating system and the EnergyPlus version.

To report the bug, send email to https://groups.google.com/group/energyplus-fmu. This is an open group and everyone can join it. No invitation is needed.

Known Issues

Release 1.0.0

Dymola 2014 cannot import EnergyPlus as an FMU. The reason is a bug in Dymola 2014 which does not pass the path to the resources location folder to the FMU when invoking the fmiInstantiateSlave() method. This information is needed by the FMU for its correct execution. A workaround will be to manually specify the path to the resources location in the fmiInstantiateSlave() method in main.c. main.c can be found in the SourceCode folder of the EnergyPlusToFMU installation.