This page describes how to fix a bug in the dll of EnergyPlus 7.1.0, build12 for Windows that may occur when exchanging a large amount of data in each time step. The error message that EnergyPlus writes to its .err file is

 ExternalInterface starts first data exchange.
 Error: No digits were found in getDoubleCheckError.
 Further characters after number:
 Sending EXIT_FAILURE = : 1
 **FATAL:Error in ExternalInterface: Check EnergyPlus *.err file.

To fix the bug, proceed as follows:


  1. Install the BCVTB version 1.1.0.
  2. Download the bcvtb.dll for your architecture and copy it to the EnergyPlus directory, such as C:\Program Files\EnergyPlus-7-1-0. This will replace the existing file with the same name.

    1. Click on to download the bcvtb.dll for Windows 32 bit.

    2. Click on to download the bcvtb.dll for Windows 64 bit.

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