Xuan Luo

Xuan Luo
Senior Scientific Engineering Associate
(510) 486-5578

Ms. Xuan Luo is a Scientific Engineering Associate with the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division. She works as a member of EnergyPlus development team since 2016, engaging in the development of new features to enhance EnergyPlus for building energy modeling. She also engaged in the Multiscale Coupled Urban Systems under the DOE Office of Science's Exascale Computing Project, developing, running and testing a co-simulation platform for urban system models on high-performance computers. She contributed to the development of of the City Building Energy Saver (CityBES), a web-based platform to support the urban system researches, and Commercial Building Energy Saver (CBES), a web-based tool for energy benchmarking, electric load shape analysis, and retrofit analysis. She also works on occupant behavior research and is the lead developer of a building occupancy simulation tool Occupancy Simulator.

EnergyPlus https://github.com/NREL/EnergyPlus

Multiscale Coupled Urban Systems https://www.exascaleproject.org/project/urban-multiscale-coupled-urban-systems/

Occupancy Simulator, http://occupancysimulator.lbl.gov

City Building Energy Saver (CityBES), http://citybes.lbl.gov

Commercial Building Energy Saver (CBES), http://cbes.lbl.gov

Commercial Building Energy Saver Pro, http://cbespro.lbl.gov