Package with medium models


This package contains media models for water and moist air. The media models in this package are compatible with Modelica.Media but the implementation is in general simpler, which often leads to more efficient simulation. Due to the simplifications, the media model of this package are generally accurate for a smaller temperature range than the models in Modelica.Media, but the smaller temperature range may often be sufficient for building HVAC applications.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

Name Description
Buildings.Media.Air Air Package with moist air model that decouples pressure and temperature
Buildings.Media.Water Water Package with model for liquid water with constant density
Buildings.Media.Antifreeze Antifreeze Medium packages of secondary working fluids
Buildings.Media.Refrigerants Refrigerants Package with functions for refrigerant properties
Buildings.Media.Specialized Specialized Package with specialized media implementations
Buildings.Media.Examples Examples Collection of models that test the media models