List of possible constant values for surface tilt


Possible constant values to define the tilt of a surface. For example, for a construction that is a floor, use Buildings.Types.Tilt.Floor.

Note that a ceiling has a tilt of 0 , and also the solar collector models in Buildings.Fluid.SolarCollectors require a tilt of 0 if they are facing straight upwards. This is correct because the solar irradiation on a ceiling construction is on the other-side surface, which faces upwards toward the sky. Hence, a construction is considered a ceiling from the view point of a person standing inside a room.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.TypesPackage (Icon for packages containing type definitions).

Package Content

Name Description
Ceiling=0 Tilt for ceiling
Floor=Modelica.Constants.pi Tilt for floor
Wall=Modelica.Constants.pi/2 Tilt for wall

Types and constants

constant Modelica.Units.SI.Angle Ceiling=0 "Tilt for ceiling";
constant Modelica.Units.SI.Angle Floor=Modelica.Constants.pi "Tilt for floor";
constant Modelica.Units.SI.Angle Wall=Modelica.Constants.pi/2 "Tilt for wall";