Library with models for building energy and control systems


Users Guide of the Modelica Buildings Library

Package Buildings is a free package for modeling building HVAC systems. It provides partial models and model components for modeling thermal building systems such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Many models are based on models from the package Modelica_Fluid and use the same ports to ensure compatibility with models from that library.

The web page for this library is Contributions from different users to further advance this library are welcomed. Contributions may not only be in the form of model development, but also through model use, model testing, requirements definition or providing feedback regarding the model applicability to solve specific problems.

Package Content

Buildings.UsersGuide UsersGuide Users Guide
Buildings.BaseClasses BaseClasses Package with base classes for Buildings library
Buildings.Fluids Fluids Package with models for fluid flow systems
Buildings.HeatExchangers HeatExchangers Package with heat exchanger models
Buildings.MassExchangers MassExchangers Package with mass exchanger models
Buildings.Media Media Package with medium models
Buildings.Utilities Utilities Package with utility functions such as for I/O

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