Package with models for fluid flow systems


This package contains components for fluid flow systems such as
pumps, valves and sensors. For other fluid flow models, see 

Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

Buildings.Fluid.UsersGuide UsersGuide User's Guide
Buildings.Fluid.Actuators Actuators Package with actuator models such as valves and dampers
Buildings.Fluid.Boilers Boilers Package with boiler models
Buildings.Fluid.Chillers Chillers Package with chiller models
Buildings.Fluid.Delays Delays Package with delay models
Buildings.Fluid.FixedResistances FixedResistances Package with models for fixed flow resistances (pipes, diffusers etc.)
Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers HeatExchangers Package with heat exchanger models
Buildings.Fluid.MassExchangers MassExchangers Package with mass exchanger models
Buildings.Fluid.MixingVolumes MixingVolumes Package with mixing volumes
Buildings.Fluid.Movers Movers Package with fan and pump models
Buildings.Fluid.Sensors Sensors Package with sensor models
Buildings.Fluid.Sources Sources Package with boundary condition models
Buildings.Fluid.Storage Storage Package with thermal energy storage models
Buildings.Fluid.Utilities Utilities Package with utility functions
Buildings.Fluid.Types Types Package with type definitions
Buildings.Fluid.BaseClasses BaseClasses Package with base classes for Buildings.Fluid
Buildings.Fluid.Interfaces Interfaces Package with interfaces for fluid models

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