BuildingsPy Changelog

Version 5.1.0, April 9, 2024 – Release 5.1

Version 5.0.0, September 1, 2023 – Release 5.0

Version 4.0.0, May 12, 2022 – Release 4.0

Version 3.0.0, December 8, 2021 – Release 3.0

Version 2.1.0, May 28, 2020 – Release 2.1

  • Updated dependency to pyfunnel, and added requirements.txt file.

  • For unit tests, display plots before asking to add new reference results. (Issue 344)

  • When writing package.order, preserved the ordering of constants from the .mo file.

  • Changed doctest to Python 3.6.

  • For unit tests, added support for OPTIMICA.

  • For unit tests, changed to non-pedantic mode in Dymola if a model is in the Obsolete package.

  • For unit tests, corrected problem on Windows if a user enabled DDE.

  • For unit tests, corrected problem if a user saved the startup directory in Dymola.

  • Avoided text replace in binary files when merging libraries, which lead to UnicodeDecodeError. (Issue 272)

  • In regression tests, issue error if the name of the reference results is too long. (Issue 274)

  • Added compiler option nle_solver_tol_factor with value of 1e-2 for jmodelica regression test. (Issue 301)

Version 2.0.0, July 15, 2019 – Release 2.0

  • Added handling of library specific comments in buildingspy.development.merger

  • Improved error reporting when running regression tests in batch mode.

  • Corrected bug when creating and then renaming a package with buildingspy.development.refactor

  • Removed buildingspy.simulate.Simulator.simulate_translated as it relies on non-standard Dymola functionality, and does no longer work with Dymola 2019. Also removed is the function buildingspy.simulate.Simulator.deleteTranslateDirectory which was only needed for buildingspy.simulate.Simulator.simulate_translated

Version 1.7.0, June 14, 2018 – Release 1.7

  • Corrected error in buildingspy.development.regressiontest that caused variables in plot statements to be ignored if the plot statement was longer than one line. Now, an error message will be written for this case.

  • Updated buildingspy.development.merger to filter out certain files, such as the top-level .c and .mat files.

  • Updated buildingspy.development.refactor.move_class() to correct a bug that caused to not be generated if the new class is deeper in the class hierarchy.

  • Updated buildingspy.development.refactor.write_package_order() to correct a bug in generating package.order file for package-level constants.

  • Extend class buildingspy.development.validator to check the consistency and correctness of .mos and .mo files.

  • Added validation of .mos/.mo files to unit test script.

Version 1.6.0, March 29, 2017 – Release 1.6

  • In development.regressiontest.setSinglePackage(packageName), added option to provide a comma-separated list to allow checking multiple packages.

  • In simulate.Simulator, changed quotes of string arguments for Modelica parameters.

  • In development.regressiontest, added check for redundant connections.

  • Updated buildingspy.development.refactor.move_class() to allow moving whole packages.

  • Updated buildingspy.development.refactor.write_package_order() so that also types that are enumerations are added to the package.order file.

  • Corrected TypeError during parsing of an exception that led to a wrong error message.

  • In regression tests for Dymola, added check for missing stateGraphRoot.

Version 1.5.0, March 29, 2016 – Release 1.5

  • Added module fmi with a function that outputs fmu dependencies.

  • Added regression tests for OpenModelica.

  • Changed implementation of addParameters(…) to allow setting values of parameters that are arrays.

  • Corrected bug that lead to files such as .DStore in Resources/Scripts to be processed as if they were scripts that run unit tests.

  • Added class buildingspy.development.merger, which can be used to merge the Annex60 Modelica library to other Modelica libraries, such as the Buildings library.

  • Corrected bug in copying the files for the unit tests, which caused not to be copied on some computers

  • Added method development.include_fmu_tests that allow testing the export of FMUs.

  • development.regressiontest now also reports when Dymola had to select default initial conditions, a model had redundant consistent initial conditions, or a model had type inconsistent definition equations.

  • Corrected bug in simulate.Simulator that caused a syntax error in the Modelica .mos script when setting boolean variables.

  • Changed the API of buildingspy.simulate.Simulator. Previously, the MODELICAPATH was used as the default to load the file. This was changed because the MODELICAPATH variable points one directory higher than the location of the file. Now, the current directory is used as the default value, which can be overwritten using the parameter packagePath.

  • Corrected bug in buildingspy.development.regressiontest that only used the first word in the result mat file. This bug caused the unit tests to return with an error if for example an output file was named Obsolete.FlowMachine

  • Corrected bug in buildingspy.development.Validator that caused the html section to be not validated if the Modelica file contained the </html> and <html> element on the same line.

  • Added new module buildingspy.development.refactor that provides functions to refactor Modelica libraries.

  • Corrected forward and backward slashes in module that runs the regression tests.

  • Added new function, which allows obtaining the statistics of the model, such as the number of nonlinear equations.

  • Added in buildingspy.development.regressiontest.Tester() the new function writeOpenModelicaResultDictionary() that writes a result dictionary for the OpenModelica regression tests.

  • Added regression tests for FMU export for Dymola.

  • In regression tests, added a check for parameters that only have a start value assigned.

  • In buildingspy.development.regressiontest, added functionality to save Output, InitialUnknown and Derivatives dependency on inputs to the reference results.

  • In buildingspy.development.regressiontest, added option to use pedantic Modelica check.

  • Improved regression tests so that the list of plot variables no longer needed to be on a single line. This was done as later versions of Dymola do not write line breaks when exporting the .mos script.

  • Added option to simulate a Modelica model without recompilation.

  • In buildingspy.development.regressiontest, added tests for differentiation of if-expressions, invalid connect statements, redeclaration of non-replaceable classes, failure to interpret experiment annotation, file not found, and missing .mos script.

  • Corrected html check if the html is on a single line.

  • In buildingspy.development.regressiontest, changed reading of dslog.txt to be line by line as opposed to the whole file at once. The reason is that reading the whole file can give an “out of memory for strings” error for very long files as the size of Stringbuffer in dymola/source/matrixop.h is not dynamically allocated.

Version 1.4.0, February 28, 2014 – Release 1.4

  • In development.unittest, added test that addresses the situation that some results are parameters in the Buildings library, but variables in the Annex 60 library.

  • In simulate.Simulator, corrected error that prevented output files from being copied if the result directory was set to ‘.’

  • Added unit tests and documentation tests.

  • Corrected various errors in the documentation.

  • Renamed development.unittest to development.regressiontest. This was required for the python doctest to work.

  • In development.regressiontest, added new method setLibraryRoot(rootDir) to allow running the unit tests from a directory other than the library root directory.

  • In development.regressiontest, added a test that avoids an IndexError if a new simulation result contains a different number of support points than the reference result. This is needed if models change variables to parameters or vice versa.

  • In development.regressiontest, added the method setSinglePackage. This allows running the regression tests for a single package only.

Version 1.3.0, October 24, 2013 – Release 1.3

  • Added class buildingspy.development.validator that can be used to validate the html syntax of the info section of .mo files.

  • Added validation of html syntax to unit test script.

  • In io.outputfile, changed name of argument of _init__ from format to simulator as format is a reserved keyword in Python.

  • In simulate.Simulator, corrected use of variable that was not defined. Avoided use of variable name exit which is a reserved keyword. Avoided the use of temporary variables that are not needed.

  • In development.unittest,

    • removed non-needed import statement,

    • removed argument dir from method printNumberOfClasses(self) as this argument is not used.

  • Updated to latest version of DyMat as on, commit 4e819cb

  • In development.Tester, method __getSimulationResults(), corrected error that caused results only to be stored if there is at least one variable requested for comparison that has more than two support points. That is, if a script only requested to store parameters, or variables that solely depend on parameters, then no results from this simulation were not stored.

Version 1.2.0, May 15, 2013 – Release 1.2

  • Changed buildingspy.development.unittest so that the string ‘svn-id’ is no longer searched in, or written to, the reference result files.

  • Improved error reporting of the package that runs the unit tests.

  • Updated buildingspy.development.unittest to allow testing of other libraries than the Buildings library.

  • Updated buildingspy.development.unittest to include a model check in the pedantic mode of Dymola.

Version 1.1.2, January 8, 2013 – Release 1.1

  • Fixed bug in to allow setting Modelica parameters that are of type string.

Version 1.1.1, October 9, 2012 – Release 1.1

  • Improved error reporting in

  • Fixed bug in constructor of that caused

    TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘directory’

Version 1.1.0, July 26, 2012 – Release 1.1

  • Added class This simplifies the creation of boxplot and the plotting of data that repeat every day.

  • Moved function buildingspy.development.unittest.Tester.__interpolate to

  • Caught exception that is caused when non-ascii characters are used in the comments of constants, parameters or variables. Now, these files are excluded from the unit tests and a warning is issued.

  • Centralized error reporting to using instead of writing directly to stderr.

  • Fixed error in The previous version could lead to non-increasing time for the last time stamp of the results, and then led to an wrong result of the interpolation function.

  • Changed file output: The output of Dymola is now in the file dymola.log, whereas unitTests.log contains the warning and error messages of the python unit test scripts.

  • Changed to achieve better load balancing. This change reduced the computing time for all unit tests on a 24 core computer from 38 minutes to 21 minutes.

Version 1.0.0, November 1, 2011

Initial release.