Chapter 4. Running simulations with the BCVTB

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Running the BCVTB from an explorer window
4.3. Running the BCVTB from a terminal window
4.4. Command line arguments
4.5. Example files

This chapter describes how to run the BCVTB from a file explorer window or from the command line, using several command line arguments. These command line arguments allow, for example, to overwrite the values of parameters that are defined in a Ptolemy II model or to run Ptolemy II in a console mode that does not open any windows.


At start up, the BCVTB reads system environment variables from the file bcvtb/bin/systemVariables-*.properties, where * is either windows, mac or linux. This file may need to be updated by the user to set system environment variables. For a description of this file, see Section 3.3, “Setting system environment variables” .