Chapter 7. Development

7.1. Introduction
7.2. Functional requirements
7.3. Software requirements
7.3.1. Linux
7.3.2. Mac OS X
7.3.3. Windows
7.4. Version control
7.5. Updating Ptolemy II
7.6. Compiling the BCVTB
7.6.1. Compiling the BCVTB
7.6.2. Custom configuration
7.7. Structure of the file system
7.8. Running unit tests
7.9. Adding actors
7.9.1. Adding actors to lib/ptII/myActors
7.9.2. Adding actors to other directories
7.10. Linking a simulation program to the BCVTB
7.11. Data exchange between Ptolemy II and programs that are started by the Simulator actor

This chapter contains information that is of interest to developers who compile or extend the BCVTB to provide new functionalities, or who link additional simulation programs to the BCVTB.