7.7. Structure of the file system

Table 7.1, “Structure of the file system.” shows the structure of the file system. Each directory contains an Apache Ant build file called build.xml that can be used to compile code and run unit tests. These files recursively run targets in all their subdirectories. See Section 7.6, “Compiling the BCVTB” for details.

Table 7.1. Structure of the file system.

bin Scripts to set environment variables, the jar file that starts the BCVTB, and scripts to start the BCVTB or to start simulation programs.
doc Documentation.
doc/code Auto-generated source code documentation.
doc/manual Source files, pdf and html files for manual.
examples Example problems that are used to illustrate the use of the BCVTB and to conduct unit tests.
install Files to build the installer.
lib Library files that are used by various programs.
lib/apache-ant Apache Ant build system that is used to compile the BCVTB.
lib/bacnet-stack Source code and executables for the BACnet interface.
lib/adInterfaceMCC-stack Source code and executables for the Analog/Digital interface.
lib/config Code for detecting the configuration on Windows systems.
lib/launcher Code for building the jar file that launches the BCVTB.
lib/linux Files that are used on Linux only. This directory contains, for example, the expat parser.
lib/matlab MATLAB and Simulink source code and libraries that are needed to connect MATLAB and Simulink to Ptolemy II.
lib/modelica C source code that is called by Modelica to link to Ptolemy II. The Modelica source code is distributed with the Buildings library.
lib/pt Binaries of a subset of Ptolemy II that is used for the BCVTB.
lib/util Code that implements the socket connection for the clients and the xml file parsing.
lib/windows Files that are used on Windows only. This directory contains the C runtime library files that are needed by users who did not install the Microsoft Developer Studio. It also contains the expat xml parser.
lib/xml Code to validate the xml file variables.cfg.